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Whether you've dreamed of a wedding in a small mountain church in Colorado, or on a balmy beach in the Caribbean, making your fantasy a reality isn't as difficult -- or as expensive -- as you might think. Destination weddings are on the rise.
Having a destination wedding is like taking a mini-vacation with your closest family and friends; instead of one exhausting night, you have several relaxing days to enjoy the company of your friends and family.
The thought of spending the day before the wedding relaxing on the beach instead of running hundreds of errands has caused more than one bride to choose a destination wedding. Brides worry about the difficulties of planning a wedding from thousands of miles away, but the truth is, destination weddings are often far less work than traditional weddings. Most hotels and resorts offer wedding packages and services, meaning the details get taken care of for you. We suggest hiring a destination wedding planner (Great Divide Travel weddings) to price tickets, rooms and packages for you and your guests.
 If you add up the travel, the dress, the reception bill, you will be surprised to find out that destination weddings are often less expensive than traditional weddings. This is because they generally involve resorts and hotels offering all-inclusive deals. For couples looking to create a really memorable occasion without breaking the bank, destination weddings are a perfect option.
The size of your guest list will determine the size of your budget.
If you're watching your dollars, opt for less expensive destinations or destinations that offer a wide range of dining and lodging options. If you wed in at a top travel spot, consider choosing an off-season date, and explore local neighborhoods with less touristy price tags for other aspects of your event, like your rehearsal dinner, or choose an all inclusive.
At a destination wedding, nearly everyone travels, including the bride and groom. That being the case, it's best to accept the fact that your wedding may not be large. After all, not everyone can afford the expenditures of hotel and airfare. But that doesn't mean you should count on guests declining your invitation. Some wedding destinations, particularly fabulous vacation areas, are just too tempting to resist -- even if they are expensive. As wedding planners we suggest that you also plan a reception in the states to celebrate your union. We also help you plan this as well.

It's important to give your guests as much advance notice about your wedding as possible. That means sending out save-the-date cards a minimum of 8 months in advance so your guests can make the necessary travel and vacation arrangements. You can reserve your space as much as a year in advance and can often time help you have more guests travel to your big day because they can pay it over time. We suggest setting up a wedding website, and a honeymoon registry. Here you can post all your wedding details and out-of-town guest Information. Hiring a wedding planner for your destination wedding will help you and your guests stay the most informed and secure the best pricing for your day based on what you are wanting.

Once you arrive on location we coordinate with the wedding planner to make sure there are not any last minute changes to your big day. Most wedding packages are very customizable so we are here with the knowledge and the know how to assist you in the planning process. Some of your details may include photography , we often suggest bringing your photographer with you like Fototails Photography.
If you have the option, be sure to take advantage of all the services you have available to you. Determine which decisions are best left to your coordinator, and which you prefer to make yourself. However, it is imperative you make your requests as specific as possible. You may want to visit your location we can assist you in that process as well.
You will need a local marriage license, and possibly a passport unless you do the ceremony in the states first. The passport is simple; just be sure to apply well in advance of your wedding date. We can assist you in obtaining all the proper documentations for your big day!  
Hiring a wedding planner for your Destination Wedding is one of the easiest decisions for your big day.  We will help you stream line your planning and make your day as stress free as possible. Contact us today 303-291-1288.
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